Update to Cyclone Watch

Looking outside this morning at 4.00 every thing seems to be calm and serene. In an hour or so the city and its inhabitants will begin to stir as the sun emerges in the east over the Coral Sea. Where I live the Spectacle Flying Foxes (Bats) will commence stirring and in unison will all fly off to do what Bats do during the day. The human residents however, will awaken and then engage in activities in which to keep the local economy motoring along. Is it the calm before the storm?

Before and After pictures of Darwin are posted to give a sense of what took place after Cyclone Tracy struck in 1974. In stead of children waking up to unwrap their presents on Christmas morning they awoke however, to Darwin being virtually flattened, killing 77 and leaving thousands with homes. A lot has changed since then.

Advances in technology have enabled the formation of Cyclones and other weather events to be identified days before they pose a risk. Which in turn allows those in authority to implement planning measures to negate the impact of those events. The introduction and implementation of uniform safety standards and agreed to codes have also helped to reduce the risk to buildings and property. Given all that, the greatest threat from Cyclones, as mentioned often, is complacency. That is residences who don’t take heed of warnings.

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