Title: The End and the Beginning

Title: The End and the Beginning

This may well be the end

But may also bring on a new beginning

All has changed in the blink of an eye

Nothing remains from the years gone by

Those wanting to remain in the past will be enraged

Others will change just to play their power grabbing games

2020 represents a monumental global shift

To heal old wounds and bring new light and gifts

The planets have already revealed the path ahead

Humans, though still want to live inside their head

Hanging on to the long-held concept of ownership

And holding on to their false and superstitious idols, many worship

There will be a final war and that is for certain

With it will come a lot of pain and a lot of hurting

It pains to know that many will suffer and die

Tortured mothers will be left alone to cry

Take solace in knowing that humans are infinite beings

Rising like the Phoenix to help in our spiritual healing

We will meet again in another time and place

In a world we can all once again embrace

Where unconditional love will bind us together

To cooperate and make this world better

In the meantime, stay with me and see this through

To give comfort to others who are not as strong as me and you

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  Vincenzo Russo©2021