Title: Part 1-In the Blink of an Eye

2019 and a new decade was awaiting

Another page of history was in the making

The economy was just humming along

Albeit, to a familiar song

The rhythms of life played to an eerie beat

Many were protesting about the rising heat

Opposing groups were drawing a line in the sand

You are either with us or not, that was the plan

Technological changes were still gathering pace

An unknown future was beckoning the human race

Good or bad, the jury is still out

Varied opinions were still being tossed about

Then the tail of 2019 was wagging fast

Leaving the dust to settle in the past

Rumours were spreading around the globe

A transmissible virus had escaped its host

China was the focus of such reports

No problem, said the world for it had happened before

And so, a new decade arrived with minimal fuss

Life goes on and in God we trust

Then came along the big bad Wolf

Huffing and puffing, as only it could

It sensed a world vulnerable for the taking

A global population ready for a shaking

The wolf could no longer be kept from the door

With the protection of man-made law

From China, then a new virus did emerge

Called Corona, claimed to be from a Bat as being its source

In a blink of an eye the world had changed for ever

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  Vincenzo Russo©2021