Things To Come!!!

In a previous article it was proclaimed that the world ended in early in 2020, not with a bang but, rather with a whimper. Since then everything has changed in a “blink of an eye”. In a few months from now it is going to alter a whole lot more and the worrying thing is that no one is going to remember what the world once looked like. History will be totally deleted from human consciousness, equivalent to Nazi Germany’s burning of all books. Most of the human population will resemble Zombies, going about their business in a complete fog. With the rapid speed at which change has occurred and is still currently taking place then the consequence of this is that time has been condensed and this would mean that the social individual will simply be in survival mode. Already the world has witnessed such changes happening in the past year e.g.

  1. A world-wide Pandemic being declared
  2. The imposition of rolling city and state wide lockdowns
  3. The mandatory wearing of masks
  4. Th roll out of mass vaccinations
  5.  The closing of national and state border and the restrictions on travel
  6.  The introduction of ‘Contact Tracing’ Apps

New laws being made to make non-compliance to health mandated direction a criminal offence.

  1. What else can be expected in the coming weeks and months?
  2.  Do not visit neighbor’s or engage in conversations with them
  3. When at a supermarket, do not engage with other shoppers and along with wearing a mask.

    The next question to be posed is what then can we expect within the coming weeks?

As mandatory check-in through contact tracing apps become common place the authorities will then require everyone to download a check-in app when accessing a social media site. Privacy protection functions on Smart Phones and computers will be completely removed as Government agencies will be given a “Backdoor” into these devices in which to gather data. Other measures that will come into law include:

  1. Spectators will be completely banned from sporting events. Only elite sporting competitions will be allowed to take place but only in empty stadiums
  2. Mandatory Vaccination certificates will be rolled out and which then would allow anyone possessing one to undertake limited travel, either nationally or overseas.
  3. The introduction of a “Consent” app in which includes the consenting of adults to engage in sexual activities. Far fetched some would say. Early this year the Police Commissioner of New South Wales had already floated this idea and saw it being put in place during the next year or two.