It’s Just isn’t Cricket (a young boy’s worst nightmare)

One run to win
One more to bring up the ton
Last ball of play
A step away from 15 minutes of fame
Heart pounding
Sweaty forehead
Silence in the crowd
Expectation high
Cricket bat on ground
It’s now, do or die

If looks could kill
Bowler prepares his run
Time stands still
Under a blazing sun
Ring, Ring
Sounded close by
Ring, Ring
Like a loud cry

Move away from the wicket
Hand goes up to halt play
Bowler is stopped in his tracks
Wicket Keeper and Fielders perplexed
Umpires displeased
All eyes watching
Stomach sinks
Hand in pocket
Humiliation sets in
Carrying phone all along

Ring, ring
Call from Mother
Need to answer
“Get home at once”
Roared mum’s voice
“But, but Mum” came the whimper
“Don’t but me” was the reply
“Get home on the double”
“Or there will be trouble”
Mum must be obeyed

Dream over
Long walk to the dressing room
Head down
99 not out
The day is a disaster
A day and a summer to forget
It just isn’t cricket

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  Vincenzo Russo©2021