Don’t be like an Ostrich

The below post captures the underlying message in my self-published book “Keeping in Touch with Cheryl: A Memoir” i.e. if one does not know where they came from or how one got here then they will be in no position to know where they are going. They will simply give up their decision making powers to others and they will lead you in a direction that you may not like.

Commentary by Vincenzo Russo

The World ended while you weren’t paying attention!!!
The early twentieth century writer Ernest Hemmingway in a poem titled “Hollowed Men” grieved that there was a complete breakdown of language, prayer and the spirit as “the world ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper”. The same sentiments can be held about several periods of human history and including the current one.

The term “world” is solely represented within the language of humans in order to refer to their surroundings and environment i.e. what was the planet earth called before humans gave it that name? Over time humans have used the term to assist in creating, defining and organizing the physical world around them. This in turn determines what systems and social structures are put in place to enable individuals, groups and the collective to function and survive at any given period. Some have lasted for centuries while others have existed for only a short period. These include:

  • The Golden age (a time put forward by astrologists and spiritual groups)
  • The period of Hunting and gathering
  • The agricultural age
  • The industrial age
  • The technological age

The above all represent different worlds in the human experience.
One thing that they all had and have in common is that these separate worlds all ended/not with a bang but with a whimper. While still technically in the Technological age, this too will also pass. Each simply, transitions into the next while humans are busy doing other things. Just like the changing cycles of the four seasons. The only question remains to be answered is whether there is any individual or group who is in control of these endings and transitions or does it happen naturally?

All things must come to an end but, will you be paying attention? Read more interesting stories on Vincenzo Russo Writer Book