Cairns, Cyclone Watch

Cyclone forming of the coast of Cairns, Queensland 28/3/2021

For those interested there is a forecast of a major cyclone developing in the Coral Sea, east of Cairns, Queensland. Since having moved here some three months ago this will be the first in which will be experienced. While nothing is for certain the initial estimate is that it will grow into a category 2 by this coming Wednesday.

At the moment it is relatively calm here in Cairns although, the cloud cover is starting to pick up and a slight wind is blowing. Already this year the region has been hit by two category 1 cyclones which dumped massive amounts of rain south of the city. They should not be taken lightly as experienced in Darwin in the the early 1970s when a category 4 cyclone named Tracy virtually destroyed the whole city leaving 77 people killed and countless homeless.

In recent history many might still remember Yasi, a category strength 5 cyclone which caused havoc along the Queensland coastline with wind speeds said to be over 600 kilometers an hour. I will attempt to make further reports on the cyclone’s movements as further news comes in and also what the weather is doing outside.

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