Breaking the curse

Title: Breaking the curse put on the mind

Toing and froing

Stopping and going

Being indecisive

Unable to deal with a crisis

Making rash and hasty decisions

Leading to unwanted omissions

Begin to curse one self

Often choosing to crawl into one’s shell

To shut out the outside world

The emotions are hidden under the surface

Buried within in a loosely shallow grave

With each passing day the self grows weaker

Making the world appear darker and bleaker

They say that it is all in the mind

A human trait that has been there throughout time

What if there were those who allowed this lie to grow

Deceiving us from finding out what we really should know

They have created a system to keep us in our head

Fighting within for that “morsel of bread”

Leaving us always in a state of ‘fight or flight’

Battling to determine what is wrong and what is right

The real knowledge of our true being has been hidden from view

Only known to a select few

They want you to believe that certain things are true

With the aim of imprisoning you

The mind is cursed from outside

But you now have the power to turn the tide

Break free from the illusion

It is the only way to put a stop to all the confusion


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  Vincenzo Russo©2021