All Things Are Connected

Title: All Things Are Connected

Where does one begin

When one knows there is no end

Life is but a mystery

Like a leaf floating on a vast sea

The past tells a tale

It is mine and it is not for sale

All experiences are part of who I am

Each one is but a grain of sand

But together, they cover a lot of ground

The Universe has a plan

A grand design that includes man

It is not for me to understand

While walking briefly on this land

Everything is interconnected

A notion that humans have rejected

In a blind quest to control the planet

Waging a war on all that cohabit

Mother Earth, up to now, has kept her silence

Watching her children behave with complete defiance

Becoming disconnected from the laws of nature

And so, the earth begins a period of rapture

Her patience has reached a peak

The punishment exacted will be swift and quick

At this time, just go with the flow

Plant new seeds in your consciousness and watch them grow

For those who want to listen

Do not fear for it has been written

The sky above has given us messages

Ones that were also spoken about by the ancients

This is not the end but only the beginning

A rebirth that Mother Earth is bringing

The return to natural laws

Remembering that we are “all for one and one for all”

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  Vincenzo Russo©2021